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Frequent Questions

  • What is a free clinic?

    Free clinics are nonprofit, community-based organizations that provide medical care at little or no charge to low-income, uninsured and underinsured persons through the use of volunteer health care professionals and partnerships with other health providers. Services vary from clinic to clinic, but may include: primary care, prescription assistance, dental, vision, behavioral health and case management.

    Ohio has 50+ free medical clinics.

  • With ACA and Medicaid expansion, do we still need free clinics?

    Yes! ACA and Medicaid expansion were never intended to be universal health care coverage. There will still be more than 600,000 Ohioans uninsured with full implementation of ACA. Free clinics are a critical part of the healthcare safety net system!

  • Is there a charge for services at free clinics?

    Free clinics provide care for patients at little or no cost. Call the clinic before your visit to see if there are any charges or not. Patients are never billed for the services they receive.

  • What does the Ohio Association of Free Clinics (OAFC) do?

    The Ohio Association of Free Clinics' (OAFC) purpose is to be the voice and connector for members by providing resources, education and advocacy to strengthen and ensure high quality health care for people who are vulnerable. We advocate through legislation to strengthen free clinics. We find and place resources in clinics around the state in order to expand their capacity and services. We provide technical support and planning strategies to help clinics operate in the face of a changing healthcare system. And we oversee clinics to assure the public that clinics are operating with a level of quality required of a health care organization.

  • Who can join the Ohio Association of Free Clinics?

    Our membership includes free clinics, Patient Centered Medical Homes, Rural Medical Homes and Charitable Clinics. If you are interested in joining the association, please contact us at: Currently, our Board of Directors is working to expand the membership eligibility. Check back soon for updates!