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2018 Safety-Net Symposium


Breakout #3: Tuesday April 24 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Freedom from Smoking - Resources to help with the new HUD Regulations 

Emily Lee (Vice President of Mission Services, American Lung Association) 

This session will look at the health effects of secondhand smoke and tobacco. We will explore the tobacco products out on the market from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. We will provide an overview of the Freedom From smoking program and look at the community resources available to help individuals quit smoking, especially as it relates to the new HUD ruling on tobacco 

Lifestyle Medicine: An option for people in need 

Dr. David Drozek, DO (Assoc. Professor, Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine) 

Lifestyle Medicine is a newly recognized medical specialty focusing on how improving healthy diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and unhealthy can prevent and treat chronic lifestyle related diseases. Research at Ohio University has demonstrated its effectiveness in impoverished people in rural Appalachian Southeast Ohio resulting in decreased food and medical costs, reversal of disability and chronic pain, and increased productivity. This clinically oriented session will teach only the four modalities of lifestyle medicine, opportunities to influence healthy lifestyle choices for people in poverty, as well as use of lifestyle medicine for prevention and treatment of chronic disease.