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2018 Safety-Net Symposium


Breakout #1: Monday April 23 from 10:45am to 11:45am

Orange is NOT the New Black: Managing Risk - Is It Worth It? 

Linda Wilkinson (CEO, Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics) 

All nonprofit organizations have a minimum standard for transparency and accountability – is your to operating Standards of Care? Have you conducted a Risk Assessment in the past 12-24 months? Don't know how to start? Participation in this workshop will provide valuable insight into what can happen when you do not have the proper policies and procedures in place to safeguard your valuable assets. Hands-on tools will also be discussed. 

Interprofessional collaboration as a catalyst for energizing clinic growth and promoting holistic patient care 

Dr. Rob Cooper, MD, MBA, MPH and Anna Stewart, MSW (Co-Directors, Columbus Free Clinic) 

Medical care has transitioned from being physician centric to team based with an emphasis on interprofessional collaboration. The Columbus Free Clinic has embraced and emphasized such collaboration as a product of changing healthcare and medical education and has utilized it to improve care and outcomes. This session provides background on interprofessional care as well as teaches how to assess for collaboration opportunities and benefits within individual clinics, how to identify potential barriers to collaboration, and how to develop plans to overcome said barriers. 

Advantages of a “Fake” Pharmacy 

Justin Coby, PharmD (Executive Director, Health Partners Free Clinic) 

In a healthcare world plagued with medication non-adherence, free and charitable clinics can change the tides by establishing a “fake” pharmacy on-site. Learn which “fake” pharmacy model (terminal distributor or charitable) works best for your site and how to use simple tools and leverage setting to help improve patient adherence. 

To view the handout for this session, please click here.

Addressing Corporate Compliance and Best Practices While Increasing Visibility and Charitable Support 

Dean Pulliam (Director of Nonprofit & Charity Accreditation, Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio)

Nonprofit organizations, large and small, especially those engaged in direct health care services, frequently struggle with matters related to corporate compliance and governance best practices as they focus on continuous program and service improvements and increased charitable fundraising to bridge the gap between revenues and expenses. 

This presentation will bring fresh understanding of the different governmental regulating bodies and how to manage your interactions with them. It will provide insights about establishing/retaining high visibility and increased trust across various constituent groups, and share information about nonprofit best practices for governing Boards.